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Blood and urine pregnancy tests both work by detecting the hormone hCG (human gonadotropic hormone) in your body.

A pregnancy begins to release hCG after it implants in the lining of the uterus, and with each day that passes, hCG levels rise to sustain a healthy pregnancy.

While implantation of the pregnancy typically occurs between six to ten days after conception, hCG levels may not be high enough to be detected with a urine test until the first day of your missed period.

However, blood tests can detect lower levels of hCG and may be able to detect a pregnancy earlier.

Ultimately, blood and urine pregnancy tests are highly accurate when performed correctly.

Blood Versus Urine Test

Urine Pregnancy Test

  • Can be purchased over the counter or performed in a doctor’s office
  • Cheaper compared to a blood pregnancy test
  • Results within minutes
  • When performed correctly, urine pregnancy tests are 99% accurate on the day of your first missed period

Blood Pregnancy Test

  • Performed only in a doctor’s office
  • More expensive compared to a urine pregnancy test
  • Results take hours to days
  • Provide results before a missed period
  • The level of hCG detected can give the doctor more details about your pregnancy (possible issues, twins, etc.)

Tips for At-Home Urine Pregnancy Test

While at-home tests are usually very accurate, it is possible to get a false positive; often, this inaccurate reading results from taking the test improperly.

  • Test your first-morning pee if possible
  • Avoid drinking excess fluids before testing (chugging water may dilute hCG)
  • Read the directions, as not every test works the same
  • Testing too early may lead to false negative
  • For the most accurate results, wait until the first day of your missed period to test

If your at-home test is positive, confirming the result with a lab-quality pregnancy test at a local health clinic is often best.

Get the Support You Deserve

If you suspect you might be pregnant or have received a positive pregnancy test, contact Lifeline Pregnancy Center today.

At no cost to you, our medical staff can provide you with a lab-quality pregnancy test, a follow-up ultrasound, and an opportunity to ask questions and express your concerns.

Lifeline Pregnancy Center can connect you with resources to support you during your pregnancy and help you plan how to proceed.

Contact us today for your confidential appointment.

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